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Equity Research Analyst

Location :Noida Job Nature :Full Time 06/05/2023 CTC : 3.6 – 4.8 LPA

Organization with financial guidance on equity investment opportunities. You will be responsible for gathering and assessing data for industry stocks and bonds, developing forecasts, and providing sound investment advice that will lead to well-informed investment decisions.

To ensure success, you should have detailed knowledge of industry-related equities, the ability to spot market trends, and excellent communication skills. A top-notch equity research analyst is someone who is knowledge of data modeling and equity trends will lead to sound financial decisions.

Your talent for data mining, number-crunching, and investing will assist our organization in making informed investment decisions, increasing return on investments, managing financial risk, designing sound investment strategies, and also to accurately predict market trends.

The ideal candidate for this role must possess excellent communication skills, extensive knowledge of investment strategies, strong analytical skills, and working knowledge of specialized investment software.


Gathering and assessing securities data including industry-related stocks and bonds.
Analyzing company financial reports to determine the market performance of existing securities.
Using data modeling software and methodologies to create financial forecasts.
Developing and delivering investment reports to the financial manager and the investment team.
Providing direction and expert advice on securities to buy, sell, or hold.
Monitoring industry and market trends for changes and investment opportunities.
Staying up to date with the latest industry news including company sales and mergers.
Preparing detailed internal/external investment reports for presentation.
Researching and analyzing securities data. Proficiency in data mining and modeling software
Ability to spot and track stock market trends, and act on investment opportunities.
Knowledge of stocks, bonds, and index funds
Strong research abilities
Familiarity with trade jargon
Analytical thinking
Ability to develop and present financial reports
Excellent communication skills


Bachelor degree in finance, business administration, accounting, statistics or a similar field.

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Opening: 1

Job Nature: Full Time

Location: Noida

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Unmarried


2 - 4 years